Talinn Grigor

Chair / Professor, Art History, UC Davis

Field: Art History
Interests: Visual culture, global politics
In Residence: Jan. 16 - Mar. 31, 2019

Talinn Grigor examines the cross-pollination of visual culture, global politics and historiography, focused on Iran and Parsi India. She received her Ph.D. from MIT in 2005. Her books include: Building Iran: Modernism, Architecture, and National Heritage under the Pahlavi Monarchs (2009); Contemporary Iranian Art: From the Street to the Studio (2014); and Persian Kingship and Architecture: Strategies of Power in Iran from the Achaemenids to the Pahlavis, with Sussan Babaie (2015). Her articles have appeared in the Art BulletinGetty Journal, Third TextFuture Anterior and Iranian Studies, among others. Grigor visited the Center as part of her public-speaking engagement: “Translations in Contemporary Iranian Art: Historicity, Marketability, Mobility.” In 2019, she gave a talk entitled "Cosmopolitanism of Modernist Architects in Reza Shah's Iran." Her next book project deals with theories of marginality and minority in the advent of modernist architecture during the late Qajar and early Pahlavi eras.