Razieh Taasob

Former Central Asian Numismatic Specialist, Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library


Field: Numismatics, History
In Residence: January 2017 - June 2019

Razieh Taasob was Associate Professional Specialist for Central Asian Numismatic at Princeton University. Taasob earned her PhD in from the Institute for Numismatics and monetary History of the University of Vienna. In the first year of her position, she utilized her advanced background in history and numismatics to study, describe, curate, catalogue and illustrate a large number of Sasanian coins both from the Schaaf Collection and from related holdings in the numismatic collections in the Rare Books and Special Collections at Firestone library. In her second year, Taasob catalogued and described two unique and rare collections of Parthian silver and bronze coins. The outcome of both her projects are recorded in a rich numismatic database and includes coin descriptions, transliterated transcriptions of Pahlavi inscriptions on the Sasanian coins, scholarly references and high-quality digital images. Her work greatly advanced a previously underserved portion of the numismatic collections and resulted in providing rich, publicly accessible database records for Pre-Islamic coinage of Iran and Central Asia at Princeton. Taasob played a key role in promoting this archive, presenting at national and international conferences, professional meetings and association gatherings. She was the co-convener of the 2018 Princeton conference, "From Ardashir to Phrom Kesar: Workshop on Sasanian Coins & History."

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