Hamid Pouran

Research Associate, SOAS University of London

Field: Engineering
Interests: Environmental science
In Residence: Mar. 24 - May 5, 2017

Hamid is an interdisciplinary environmental scientist and engineer. He received his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Sheffield (UK), including a scholarship for multidisciplinary research at the Kroto Research Institute. He also was a member of the Transatlantic Initiative for Nanotechnology and the Environment as a postdoctoral research associate at Lancaster University for four years. His interests span policy research, especially environmental policy, and how common concerns about global and regional environmental sustainability problems could bring countries closer despite their political differences. Since 2015, Dr. Pouran has been guest editor of Middle East in London magazine on special environmental issues and is the principal editor of the 2018 book: Environmental Challenges in the MENA Region: The Long Road from Conflict to Cooperation. He is also an environmental science subject matter expert for BBC World and the Scottish Centre for International and Strategic Affairs. He was the scientific consultant for a BBC World News News documentary “Dust Storms,” which was transmitted in English, Persian and Arabic in March 2017.