David Menashri

Professor Emeritus, Tel Aviv University

Field: Iranian Studies
Interests: Social and political history of modern Iran
In Residence: Apr. 1 - Aug. 31, 2015

David Menashri is a professor emeritus at Tel Aviv University (TAU) and founding director of its Alliance Center for Iranian Studies. While there, he also served as chair of the Department of Middle Eastern and African History and dean for special programs. Following his retirement from TAU, he was president of the College of Law in Ramat Gan, Israel (2011-2015). Prof. Menashri’s main field of academic research is religion, society and politics in modern Iran; Islamic Radicalism (with focus on Shi’i Islam); the Persian Gulf; and the history of education in the Muslim world. He has authored and edited more than 10 books and published numerous articles on Iran and the Middle East. While at the Center, he was featured on a panel entitled: "U.S. Foreign Policy and the Islamic Republic of Iran: Reflections and Outlooks."