Daniel Beckman

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Field: Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Interests: Persian and Greek studies

Dan Beckman holds a Ph.D in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, with a focus on Iranian Studies, from UCLA. Since joining the Center in the fall of 2017, his research has focused on Persian history as recorded in Greek and Latin sources, and his courses have included a Freshman Seminar on Alexander the Great. Dan's article "Cyrus the Great and Ancient Propaganda" was included in the edited volume Cyrus the Great: Life and Lore, published by the Ilex Foundation in 2019. His presentation, “Managing the Greek Frontier: Achaemenid Strategies in the West,” was hosted by the Center in 2017.


Selected Publications

Cyrus the Great: Life and Lore book cover - line drawing of warriors at battle

Chapter: Cyrus the Great and Ancient Propaganda
Boston: Ilex Foundation, 2019.