Apply Now! Postdoctoral Research Associate Opportunities.

Nov. 1, 2023

The application for postdoctoral research associates or more senior researchers in the relevant fields of Iran and the Persian Gulf in the 19th - 21st century is open and can be accessed through the link on our website or directly on AHIRE, Princeton’s platform for Dean of the Faculty (DOF) openings. Anticipated to start in September 2024, the center welcomes scholars of all academic disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. It promotes interdisciplinary approaches to advancing the study of Iran and the Persian Gulf, with special attention to the region's role and significance in the contemporary world.

The fellows program supports outstanding scholars of Iran and the wider Persianate world at an early stage of their careers to strengthen the field of Iranian and Persian Gulf Studies in the United States and abroad. (A Ph.D. conferred between 2021 and the start date is required.)

Above and beyond the vast Persian resources and research opportunities at Princeton - the relationships developed at the center and across campus; the exposure to esteemed scholars weekly via the center’s seminar series and intimate lunches with scholars; or the encouragement to propose projects, conferences, or workshops - the center offers scholars many opportunities for interdisciplinary, creative and interesting projects and engagement.

In January, three of our researchers will hold an inaugural Wintersession event (“Magic, Genies, and More: The Supernatural In and Out of Iran”) during the University’s Office of Campus Engagement’s annual 2-week program (details forthcoming).

Examples of past projects include:

  • a film screening of "Coup 53"organized by former fellow Amy Malek (Chair/director in Iranian and Persian Gulf Studies at Oklahoma State University - followed by a Q&A with Director Taghi Amirani and Academy Award-winning Editor, Walter Murch held at Princeton’s Garden Theatre.
  • a 3-day workshop – “Incapacitations: Tradition, Destruction, and Forms of Life” –  hosted on campus by former researcher Milad Odabaei, who is now an assistant professor at the University of Arkansas; and
  • the Iran Protest Data a project of Peyman Jafari, also a former researcher at the center and now Assistant Professor at William & Mary.

The application due date is January 10, 2024 by 11:59 pm; late submissions are not considered. Submission requirements are included on the center’s homepage position description as well as in the AHIRE listing.

So update your resumes, reach out to your references and apply!

For further details, please visit Positions on our website.