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5 Publications
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From Cambridge University Press:

"The site of medieval Euchaïta, on the northern edge of the central Anatolian plateau, was the centre of the cult of St Theodore Tiro ('the Recruit'). Unlike most excavated or surveyed urban centres of the Byzantine period, Euchaïta was never a major metropolis, cultural…


From Harvard University Press:

"The eastern Roman Empire was the largest state in western Eurasia in the sixth century. Only a century later, it was a fraction of its former size. Surrounded by enemies, ravaged by warfare and disease, the empire seemed destined to collapse. Yet it did not die. In this…


From Liverpool University Press:

"Five important and hitherto untranslated hagiographical texts of the early-middle Byzantine period Detailed historical introduction and analysis Hagiographical tradition set firmly in historical and geographical context Latest archaeological fieldwork and evidence for…
Journal Article

From Journal of Agrarian Change:

"Giovanni Arrighi joined together questions of agrarian political economy with questions concerning the livelihoods of rural migrants and the fate of peasant communities as they dissipated. This article applies Arrighi's concerns to the case of Iran to…


From European Middle East Research Group:

"The first brief produced from Iran Social Survey data, this highlights election-related findings relevant for understanding how citizens engage with the political process in Iran.

The authors…