Visiting Fellow

Application for Visiting Fellow

Applications for visiting fellow appointments are assessed via application to the Center and appropriate for faculty members visiting from other academic institutions and for established independent scholars and researchers. Appointments are typically for one semester or shorter and provide visiting fellows with an office, housing subsidy and a research account (if the appointment is at least one full semester). On rare occasion, will a full-year appointment be considered. To be considered, please submit the following by email to the Center Manager:

  1. Proposed Faculty Sponsor
  2. Proposed Date and Length of Appointment
  3. CV
  4. Proof of Financial Support
  5. Statement of research project, including an explanation of which specific Princeton resources are necessary for advancing the project (if applicable). The statement should not exceed 1000 words. All materials must be submitted to the Center Manager. Proposals will be evaluated by the department and approved Visiting Fellows will be notified of the outcome. Please bear in mind that there are a very limited number of places annually, and that submission of an application is no guarantee of success. It is important to submit the application and financial documentation to the department in a timely manner relevant to your proposed start date to allow sufficient time for processing of the formal application and visa paperwork.